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Safe Arms Tactical


  • Handgun Qualification License

  • Basic Military / Law Enforcement Training

  • Safety Training



As a young kid, my Father immediately recognized my fascination with guns. Rather than trying to divert my attention from guns, he began teaching me all that he could about guns. He instilled in me a respect for guns, explaining that a real gun was not a “toy” to be played with nor a weapon to be taken lightly. My love for guns continued through watching war movies, military history, and weaponry facts. I developed a keen interest in military history with special attention to the weapons being used during those eras.


Safe Arms Instruction was officially established in 2013 to teach gun safety. In 2014, the name was changed to Safe Arms Tactical  to include firearms safety, firearms safety laws, and certifications.


I am licensed as a Firearms Safety Instructor in the state of Maryland, and certified as a National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor. As of this writing, my Training includes:

  • Certified Firearms Instructor, state of Maryland

  • Certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

  • Certified Range Safety Officer

  • Basic Rifle


With over 14 years as an armed security officer, my career path included specialties in physical security and firearms instruction. As I continued in this specific area, it was then that I observed many security officers struggling on the range and not using proper safety methods. In the years to come, I was motivated and encouraged to become a firearms instructor by a dear friend and coworker. Eventually, I became certified to teach shooting.


I am a Member of:  ASIS (American Society for Industrial Society), the NRA (National Rifle Association), and I have a Master of Arts in National Security.


Dedicated to Mr. Samuel Hines, Instructor & Coach

for his unselfish and untiring dedication;

for taking me under his wings

for demonstrating the professional and noble qualities of firearms training

for including me in his dream to start a school.

Mr. Hines will be greatly missed.